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Towel Laundry Service Near Downtown Los Angeles

Towels piling up faster than you can keep up? Then you need Alvarado Laundry's towel cleaning services. We serve many businesses in and near Downtown Los Angeles.

Alvarado Laundry's towel wash and fold service for businesses is the perfect commercial laundry solution for all your towel needs, whether you are a spa, hotel, gym, restaurant, or cleaning service. We know how to clean and restore towels for both personal customer use and practical janitorial purposes.

Clean Fluffy Towels for Customers

Clean Folded Spa Towel On Graywashed Surface

As a hotel, motel, spa, salon, gym, fitness studio, Airbnb, or any other enterprise that provides customers with towels, then you know that those towels need to be fluffy, clean, and smelling great without triggering allergies. That's where Alvarado's Laundry can step in and serve you. We know the right techniques for washing, drying, and fluffing towels so that they feel luxurious, giving your patrons the right impression about your services. We'll also fold them following your instructions so that they fit perfectly on your storage shelves.

Debris-Free Towels for Cleaning Services

If you manage a restaurant, cleaning service, the custodial operations or groundskeeping for a large property, or provide automotive care and auto-detailing services, then a stack of readily available clean, sanitized towels is always necessary to get the job done. At Alvarado Laundry, we know how to eliminate dirt and other debris from towels so that you can use them to clean, dust, or polish delicate surfaces without leaving a scratch.

Automotive Detailing Microfiber Towel

Get a Commercial Quote for Your Towel Laundry Needs

Whether your enterprise uses towels to deliver a luxurious experience to customers or provide staff with the reliable tools to get the job done, Alvarado Laundry has you covered. Connect with us for a quote befit your towel laundry needs.