Laundromat Services in Los Angeles, CA

We know laundry isn't everyone's favorite thing to do, Alvarado Laundry is here to help. Our coin laundromat is open from 6am-9pm and last wash is at 7:30pm. We have plenty of washers from 20lb - 80lb, so whether you have a small load of laundry, or a large comforter to wash, we have you covered. 

Alvarado Laundry

Our self-service laundromat has a TV, folding tables, limited seating, soap, snacks and drink vending machines, a bill breaking machine, change machines and a water vending machine in 1 gallon, 3 gallons and 5 gallons increments. 

Alvarado Laundry offers a loyalty program to thank our customers for their continued support. Customers receive a free wash on a 30lb machine after 10 visits.


  • 20/lbs. Front Load (10 total) $3.75
  • 20/lbs. Top Load (9 total) $3.50
  • 30/lbs. Front Load (12 total) $5.25
  • 60/lbs. Front Load (5 total) $7.75
  • 80/lbs. Front Load (2 total) $10.75


  • 30/lbs. (19 total) $0.25/10 minutes

In addition, we offer a multitude of services, such as:

Luggage Drop Off: Ready to hit the town and explore Los Angeles? The only problem is… your luggage! If you’re catching a flight in a couple of hours, but want to explore, safely store your luggage with us! Check out our partners: Bounce

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Laundromat Location Rental: Seeking a location for special event rentals? Filming? Video Shoots? or Photography Locations, contact us via text or call us at 213-632-9733