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Laundromat Services in Los Angeles

Our Washing And Drying Equipment


Here at Alvarado Laundry we want to make sure you have a great experience while doing your laundry. Our coin-op laundromat is filled with tons of washing machines guaranteed to be clean and working with numerous dryers. Wondering if we have the right equipment to handle your washing and drying needs? Take a look below at the machines and equipment available:


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All our washing machines are name-brand front-loading machines guaranteed to be in good working order. You'll never again have to lift the lid of a top-loading machine only to find it filled with water and out of service. Alvarado Laundry has every conceivable size of washing machine, including:

  • 10 - 30lb. Tub Capacity Speed Queen Commercial Top Loaders
  • 9 - 20lb. Speed Queen Commercial Front Load Washers
  • 18 - 40lb. Speed Queen Commercial Front Load Washers
  • 5 - 50lb. Speed Queen Commercial Front Load Washers
  • 2 - 80lb. Speed Queen Commercial Front Load Washers


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Alvarado Laundry has numerous Dexter dryers that is open and ready for you whenever you need one.

  • 38 - 40lb capacity Dexter Dryers

We have a variety of machines available to help you get your coin-op, self-service laundry done quickly. You can use separate small machines for whites, lights and darks, and use our giant machines for comforters, sleeping bags, pillows and all your larger items.

Not sure what kind of machine you need for washing or drying? Our self-service laundromat is staffed full-time by dedicated customer service representatives. These friendly and knowledgeable members of the Alvarado Laundry family are on hand to help you decide which machines to use and instruct you on how to use them if you need help.

Have a question? Machine not working right? Just let us know, and we'll do everything we can to assist you.

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